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Organizing Committee

Sanjay Sarma image profile
General Chair
Sanjay Sarma
 Greg Durgin image profile
General Vice Chair
Gregory Durgin
Georgia Institute of Technology
Valerie Hofstetter image profile
Operations Chair
Valerie Hofstetter
 Peter Hawrylak image profile
Publications Chair
Peter Hawrylak
University of Tulsa
Francesco Amato image profile
Publicity Chair
Francesco Amato
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Gisele Bennett image profile
Gisele Bennett
Florida Institute of Technology
John Kimionis image profile
Finance Chair
John Kimionis
Nokia – Bell Labs
Cheng Qi image profile
Poster Session Chair
Cheng Qi
Georgia Institute of Technology
Stewart Thomas image profile
Poster Session Co-chair
Stewart Thomas
Valparaiso University
Senthilkumar CP image profile
Tutorial/Workshops Chair
Senthil Chinnappa
Gounder P.
Auburn University
Kevin Berisso image profile
Mega Challenge Chair
Kevin Berisso
University of Memphis
Tali Freed image profile
Volunteer Chair
Tali Freed
Cal Poly State University SLO

Technical Program Committee

Rahul Bhattacharyya image profile
TPC Chair
Rahul Bhattacharyya (USA)
Pavel Nikitin image profile
Antennas and Propagation
Pavel Nikitin (USA)
Przemyslaw Pawelczak image profile
Applications and Software
Przemyslaw Pawelczak (Netherlands)
Delft University of Technology
Jukka Voutilainen image profile
Circuits, Devices, and Interrogators
Jukka Voutilainen (Finland)
Apostolos Georgiadis image profile
Energy Harvesting & Wireless Power
Apostolos Georgiadis (UK)
Heriot-Watt University, Scotland
Matthew Trotter image profile
Next-Generation Physical Layer
Matthew Trotter (USA)
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Michael Goller image profile
Michael Goller (Austria)
Shashi Ramamurthy image profile
Protocols and Security
Shashi Ramamurthy (USA)
Gaetano Marrocco image profile
Gaetano Marrocco (Italy)
University of Roma Tor Vergata

The 2018 TPC members

Dr. Muhammad Bashir Akbar – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Francesco Amato – Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy
Dr. Daniel Arnitz – Intellectual Ventures Lab, USA
Dr. Darmindra Arumugam – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Gisele Bennett – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Rahul Bhattacharyya – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Stefano Caizzone – German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Dr. Thomas Coulot – EM Microelectronic, Switzerland
Dr. Senthilkumar CP – Auburn University, USA
Dr. Michael Crisp – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dr. Vojtech Derbek – CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH, Austria
Prof. Gregory Durgin – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Joshua Ensworth – University of Washington, USA
Prof. Apostolos Georgiadis – Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Dr. Michael Goller – Detego GmbH, Austria
Dr. Joshua Griffin – Northwest Nazarene University, USA
Mr. Jeremy Gummeson – University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Dr. Peter Hawrylak – University of Tulsa, USA
Dr. Stoyan Iliev – KATHREIN RFID, Germany
Prof. Yuusuke Kawakita – The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
Dr. John Kimionis – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Hsin-Chin Liu – National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Prof. Gaetano Marrocco – University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
Mr. Florian Michahelles – Siemens Corporation, USA
Dr. Jin Mitsugi – Keio University, Japan
Dr. Marcin Morys – Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Dr. Ngoc Tu Nguyen – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA
Dr. Pavel Nikitin – Impinj, USA
Dr. Cecilia Occhiuzzi – RADIO6ENSE srl, Italy
Dr. Yossef Oren – Ben Gurion University, Israel
Prof. John Papapolymerou – Michigan State University, USA
Mr. Miguel Pardal – Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Dr. Przemyslaw Pawelczak – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Dr. Pedro Peris-Lopez – Computer Security Lab (COSEC), Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain
Dr. Etienne Perret – Grenoble INP – LCIS, France
Mr. Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl – CISC Semiconductor GmbH, Austria
Mr. Cheng Qi – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Mr. Shashi Ramamurthy – Honeywell, USA
Dr. Damith Ranasinghe – The University of Adelaide, Australia
Dr. Matthew Reynolds – University of Washington, USA
Dr. Antonio Rizzi – University Parma, Italy
Dr. Alanson Sample – Disney Research Pittsburgh, USA
Mr. Yuki Sato – Keio University, Japan
Prof. Joshua Smith – University of Washington, USA
Dr. Vamsi Talla – University of Washington, USA
Prof. Smail Tedjini – Grenoble-inp, France
Dr. Stewart Thomas – Valparaiso University, USA
Dr. Matthew Trotter – GTRI, USA
Prof. Dieter Uckelmann – HFT Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Ismail Uysal – University of South Florida, USA
Dr. Christopher Valenta – Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA
Mr. Jukka Voutilainen – Voyantic, Finland
Dr. Jingtian Xi – Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society, Switzerland
Dr. Lei Xie Nanjing – University, P.R. China
Dr. Chouchang Yang – Disney Research, USA
Dr. Kasim Yildirim – Ege University, Turkey
Prof. Zhuo Zou – Fudan University, Sweden