IEEE CRFID Educational Mega Challenge: Smart Cities

The 2018 challenge will be focused on the use of RFID in a Smart Cities solution

Judges from CRFID and the RAIN RFID Alliance will select the top three teams to present at the IEEE RFID 2018 conference and at the  RFID Journal LIVE! event in Orlando, Florida in April 2018. Finalists of the competition are eligible for Student Travel Grants which offers USD $5,000.

For submission, please send the proposal package to the Mega rChallenge Chair.

DEADLINE: January 15, 2018



The IEEE Council on RFID (CRFID) is excited to announce their second annual Educational Mega-Challenge. This challenge, which is geared towards addressing real-world problems, has been designed to excite and engage the interest of undergraduate students, graduate students and their advisors.

The submitting team should:

  • Accredited, degree-program educational institution
  • At least one IEEE member and one student member
  • A solution using passive UHF RFID.

Teams are asked to prepare as if responding to a request for proposal (RFP).
•    Choose a city and a problem it faces that can be addressed by a smart city solution e.g., traffic flow, mass transit, infrastructure support, revenue collections, parks management, etc.)
•    Identify a solution that uses RFID. As this challenge is partially supported by the RAIN RFID Alliance, RAIN (passive UHF) RFID technologies must be included in the solution.
•    Identify the steps needed to implement the solution.

The 2017 Mega Challenge Finalists and Judges